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The New NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Overview

Oracle NetSuite has announced the availability of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW), a new feature that allows NetSuite users spot patterns and quickly surface insights from NetSuite and third-party data to enhance decision making and uncover new revenue streams.

Manually collecting and analysing vast data on spreadsheets or multiple visualisation tools appears to be time-consuming and error-prone process, causing the slowdown on stepping to the next process. Having data process in one platform that allow us to display all in one without toggling back and forth one tool to another is much of better solution.

Analytic Warehouse extends NetSuite SuiteAnalytics with the ability of providing embeded real-time reporting and metrics dashboards using NetSuite data, which enables users to enrich their analysis by collecting and store data from multiple sources to foster collaboration and align departments.

What Exactly Is NetSuite Analytics Warehouse?

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is a pre-built, cloud-based data warehouse and analytics solution that consolidates multiple sources of data, including NetSuite data, CSV files and other business system data in order to drive actionable insights using the Oracle Analytics Cloud and powered by the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. This can be utilised by users to easily build and run their own analysis without relying on IT. The multidimensional NetSuite data objects with managed data pipelines to provide an affordable and rapid deployment. It can also extend your data analysis capability by adding custom fields and multiple data sources, and personalise dashboards, decks and cards for a better data representation.

  • Built for NetSuite

Analytic Warehouse will automatically connect to your NetSuite environment using supplied data pipelines and NetSuite data objects. Pre-packaged content offers your team access to immediate insights.

  • Multiple Sources of Data

Break down silos and easily combine your NetSuite data with external data sources through managed data warehousing with built-in extract, transform and load (ETL) capabilities.

  • Data Discovery and Collaboration