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New Face of NetSuite Connector App

In today's world of multiple electronic channels for product sales and distribution, it is considered time-consuming to keep your product and transaction data synchronized. Softwares to set up data-mapping configurations for each of your channels and automate the transfer of product and transaction data between all systems. Especially in ERP software, where the data flow dynamically moves in a wide, globalised environment.

Starting April 6, 2021, NetSuite as one of the leading ERP softwares announced that it has agreed to acquire FarApp and change its name to NetSuite Connector. FarApp, formerly, is a leading provider of eCommerce, logistics, retail and hospitality connectors for Oracle NetSuite. While it takes some time before being officially announced, the acquisition is expected to enable a more seamless and unified experience for NetSuite customers.

The New NetSuite Connector is now available for installation from the SuiteApps Marketplace. This new SuiteApp includes the following updates:

  • Enhanced user experience with a new center tab called Connector, which consolidates all NetSuite Connector pages and settings in one location.

  • Improved security with the use of API secret IDs for storing NetSuite Connector credentials.

For new users, you must first to understand about Connecting NetSuite Connector to NetSuite by doing the following steps:

1. Install the NetSuite Connector SuiteApp.

2. Create custom sub-tabs on item records.

3. Create a NetSuite Connector Secret ID.

4. Do the NetSuite Connector setup in NetSuite.

5. Create a NetSuite access token and connect the NetSuite Connector. After NetSuite is connected, NetSuite Connector initiates a series of automated processes to set up your account.

6. Set up the account for default discount item. You should perform this setup even if you do not plan to use discounts. You can change this account in NetSuite later.

If you are an existing user, choose to migrate the connector from the previous configuration or contact your trusted partner to get assisted in migrating the data secure.

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