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Brief Introduction to NetSuite REST Beta Program

What is the RESTapi Beta Program?

The Beta Program allows for additional details and early access to some objects in the RESTapi. These records include products, customers, inventory, sales orders, purchase orders, and item fulfilment record types. The Beta program allows you to preview the following features:

  • REST Query Service

  • REST Record Service

  • Record Customization

  • SuiteScript Workbook API

How to Get Beta Program

The access for Oracle NetSuite Umbrella BETA Program currently requires a request by NetSuite clients. It is not available to all NetSuite clients automatically. If you have not been signed up to this program, you will need to complete the recruitment form to apply. Access to the recruitment form requires Oracle Single-Sign-On login. If you don’t have an Oracle SSO, you will need to create an account and then log in to the recruitment form using you Oracle SSO. This will later be processed by the Oracle Beta Program Office and then the beta features can be enabled for your account.

Here is how to complete form application:

1. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features

2. Banner: Click the link

3. Login to Oracle SSO. Oracle SSO login credentials are separate from your NetSuite login credentials. If you do not have an Oracle SSO account, click the Request Login button to create this account.

4. Complete the form. You must identify an authorized user who can sign to accept the Agreement.

5. After you have submitted the form, the Oracle Beta Programs Office (BPO) will review it. They will contact you if they require any clarifications.

6. The process will take approximately 2 weeks for Oracle BPO to complete. Please do not follow up before then to avoid delays in processing your request.

7. If no additional information is required, you will receive a confirmation email to participate in the Beta Program.