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Cloudmaven is an international Consultancy for Cloud ERP & BI Solutions

Championing a pure cloud approach with a mobile first strategy: from the portfolio to our own operating Model, everything is based on the cloud ecosphere. We do not do it because it is seen to be hip or modern, but rather because it is simpler and more cost effective: With former lives as accountants, controllers, and IT administrators and working with established solutions in these fields for many years, Cloudmaven is able to credibly advise on dependable and functional solutions.

Cloudmaven is trusted advisor to small and large customers alike across 4 continents.

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

Our Mission




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Thanks to a central cloud system for ERP, CRM, communication as well as collaboration and knowledge management, Cloudmaven was founded within two months with three companies and eight employees and was able to serve its first major customers. We did this because we were used to working with such systems and used the best systems as tools. We had so much fun with it that we want to do it again and again. Our mission is accordingly simple: we want to achieve the same with increasingly complex and demanding customers in new and challenging industries. We want to accompany our customers and keep pushing forward. "If you want to master your work, you must have sharpened your tools."



How can a medium-sized company or even a new startup be successful in today's global economy?

How can it prove true against existing, long-serving corporations?


We are convinced that success for tomorrow begins with the original, disruptive business idea, but is decided in the implementation of a corresponding business model.


Order catalogs, carpooling, payment transactions - the business ideas don't even have to be that new - but even more so, the implementation: Website with thousands of shipping providers and a powerful search function, mobile app platform with proprietary drivers, and blockchain technology for decentralized contract processing.


The digital transformation has proven that it can increase or even enable business success across countless industries and countries. But it was the cloud that transformed countless electronic backbones for processing large amounts of data in the basement of companies into the firstrate and central interface for customers, employees, suppliers and partners. With cloud systems, medium-sized companies and startups can suddenly reach a completely new customer field and markets - with far less effort than before.

“The digital transformation has proven to be a business success. But it was the cloud that turned it into a central profit center - by opening systems for transactions across company boundaries. ”


“Digital transformation may be the best-tried budget recipe for increasing success. - The recipe is clear, just boil it up once and the cook should know how to cook it day in and day out. ”


What is often overlooked is the fact that the cloud transformation is not simply a digitalization of business activities or even the relocation of existing systems to a supervised data center.


Rather, the cloud is and inevitably a catalyst for automation, standardization and optimization of processes and compliance:

  1. On a modern ERP system, period-based monthly financial statements and exchange rate evaluations are not an option, but a standard process.

  2. On a modern CRM system, EU GDPR compliance is not an addon, but a necessary default.


Yes, even more so, cloud transformation enables new strategies in the organization and in the business model.


Medium-sized companies and startups not only provide cloud systems with new business

opportunities, they actually drive them for it.


Cloud solutions are aware of the development of their customers. As the business environment, demands and processes of their customers change, cloud providers are continually developing their functionalities.


This process has led to the ongoing development of business models in which cloud users naturally ride, but which others are increasingly falling behind

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Our Setup

What we do differently 


  • Raised and seasoned in the Cloud: 
    Our benchmarks are not legacy ERP systems, but modern B2C tools everybody likes to use. 

  • Consultants with past work experience in Operations 
    (no graduate consultants) 


  • Professional Mindset & Approach: 
    Clear Project Methodology 


  • Dev Quality Management 
    (Git, IDE, Multistage Dev Framework) 


  • Own Environments & KB 

  • Resource Backups & Minimum Downtime Measures 

  • Deep understanding of underlying Technology and priorities. 


Our view on native Cloud SaaS ERP 

We chose NetSuite ERP as our primary platform as it fulfils our expectations for a real Cloud SaaS solution.


our setup_our principal
our setup_ourview

Principles in our Quality Management 

Performance and Governance = If it's slow or unsafe, no one can use it 

Method & Documentation = Makes your Support quick and easy 

Planning & Execution = You want a budget & timeline 

Strategic design = We have experience and think ahead 

UX = if users don’t like it, they wont use it

Our Mission
Our Setup

Our Strengths


What Sets Cloudmaven Apart

Having number of years of experience in cloud technologies and numerous clients around the world, we have collaborated with innumerable global companies across industry verticals. Cloudmaven's rich industry experiences, coupled with its cloud-based strategic service offerings, has helped businesses drive operational excellence and improve ROI. Through our data-driven strategic cloud assessments, comapnies are able to gain better business value.

Why choose Cloudmaven as your partner:

  • Reliable: 
    We are NetSuite experts. Our clients rely on us to meet their business critical cloud ERP/CRM needs. 


  • Experience: 
    Since 2018, we have helped numbers of business to implement, all of which are backed by strong customer references. 


  • Flexible: 
    We give our clients the flexibility to choose from day one exactly how they would like to work with us. 


Our Methodology

Design and transition: implementation  


We implement systems. The systems must finally run at the planned time.  


What gets systems up and running is not just correct configuration, adequate testing and final documentation, but also extensive training of users and administrators and comprehensive support. A successful system begins with a clear common understanding of what the customer and his individual users need and wants on the one hand, and what the system can and can have adapted on the other. 


“We don’t just need an accurate document, we need a shared understanding.”  


In order to be able to combine these two approaches, Cloudmaven is building up - Experience in relevant industries, - in-depth expertise in the planned systems, - a stringent methodology for developing a common understanding and implementation of the same.  


For the customer, many things only become clear when the system is first looked at both in terms of functionality and original ideas. The planning should not plan this process, but anticipate it and accompany the project management accordingly.  


“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”  


Waterfall method (1TOM)  

In the case of a comprehensive specification by an experienced ERP project manager in advance or in cooperation with other partners, we also follow waterfall methods.  

Based on our 1TOM Business Requirements Documentation and a Functional and Technical Requirements Documentation based on it, we then configure, implement and document the system independently in the agreed time frame. This method requires dedicated full-time project management and some buffers between the individual phases.  


Support and training  

Cloud solutions open up new opportunities for business models and development. By incorporating the new rules, processes, form templates and roles in our systems, we can help manage and steer the planned change in business. Through targeted training and the creation of reports, we can streamline and measure the development. If internal resources for the administration and management of this development are missing in the short or medium term, Cloudmaven also offers services for the administration and maintenance of the system: We know the systems inside out and have the technical background.  


System Administration (SLA): 

  • Issue Management 

  • Defect Management 

  • Change MAnagement 


Our Training Programme

Let’s work together closely and professionally: 
Lean Target Operating Model (TOM) based on 
close Relationship + clear Policies and Processes + knowledgeable Support Reps. 


Let’s make sure we can grow: 
Running for Customers with up to 500 users. 


Let’s follow the best practices: 
Strict Support Framework based on ITIL System Service Management Lifecycle. 
(Lifecycle == “Business evolves. Their TOMs evolve. Systems need to change. Support needs to think along, better ahead and anticipate the client’s needs.” 

Our Strengths
Our Methodology
Our Training
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