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Cloudmaven allows remote access using the iOS and Android native app on any device. Cloudmaven offers dedicated app for mobile time tracking, mobile expense report, and much more.


Products from Cloudmaven

MavenApps Mobile

The MavenApps Time Tracking App is designed to track and approve time in larger project-based organisations with many projects, dependent project tasks, and complex approval routing depending on project type and approval permissions by the relevant directly listed or automatically assigned project managers. 
Whilst being a fully working solution on its own, the App has been optimised for use in conjunction with NetSuite SRP Weekly Timesheet tracking based on Customers, Projects, Project Tasks, Support Tickets, and CRM Activities such as Events, Calls, and Tasks. 
For this purpose, NetSuite Administrators can install the MavenApps SuiteBundle available to all accounts on the SuiteBundler platform. The SuiteBundle allows to configure the synchronisation rules right in NetSuite and orchestrates the regular synchronisation between NetSuite and the Mobile App on schedules as frequent as every 3 minutes. 
During these synchronisation schedules, the relevant data on listed employees, time tracking entity data, and actual time entries and their status are synchronised to and from the mobile app. In case of connection interruption, the mobile app stores changes to time entries and resyncs and compares it with the data available in NetSuite based on timestamps. 


Why MavenApps Time Tracking? 

  • Empower all Employees to record Time on their smartphones, anytime, anywhere, whether online or offline, 

  • Empower Managers to approve Time on their smartphones, anytime, anywhere, whether online or offline, 

  • To significantly increase speed of timesheet processing, and 

  • To boost user experience with and around NetSuite, and ultimately, 

  • To boost internal branding to employees and partners.

Corporate Branding with corporate logo, colours and font of choice


  •  Availability on App Store/ Play Store as white label “MavenApps Time Tracking” 

  • User Login via Azure SAML Single Signon 

  • User Settings for Profile Picture, Date Format, Number Format 

  • Synchronisation of expected Work Calendars into the mobile app 

  • Synchronisation of Projects, Project Tasks, Project Managers (from Resource Details), Project Sponsor, as well as Assignment Restrictions and Assignee Lists into mobile app 

  • Time Recording via single time entry on Monthly Calendar View or weekly entry on Weekly Timesheet View 

  • Reporting on recorded number of hours and status (open, pending approval, approved) in Monthly Calendar View, Weekly Timesheet View, and List View, expandable for breakdown by Project and Project Task 

  1. Codebase kept up to date for maximum benefit of ongoing app development 

  2. Dedicated server hardware for maximum security (EU GDPR, SOC I & II) 

  3. Optional maintenance and end user support via existing NetSuite SLA
    (For dev availability, this may require an addition to the current base rate.) 

Why MavenApps
Key Features
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