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Cloudmaven has created each solution essential to handle distinctive aspects of your business NetSuite is a visionary, cloud-based software suite for managing business processes . As it contains templates for the processes on the one hand, but on the other hand it can be configured customer-specifically , it is suitable for both medium sized and large companies in a large number of industries . This scalability and flexibility has made NetSuite the driver of over 40,000 companies and has accompanied many from 10 employees to IPO.beneath one roof. we offer a tremendous cluster of arrangements with an end-to-end capability to incorporate delivery and management services. 


NetSuite ERP

The secret of NetSuite is now the buzzword in the technology industry: a system platform as the basis for a suite that was developed for the Internet, can be operated and operated with the tools of web development , and is built on a scalable architecture . The reason why the competition has not imitated this for a long time: the buzzword can only be implemented if the philosophy has been incorporated into the design from the start. Most of the competition is 20 years late for that.  

Why Is NetSuite?

Comprehensive functionality for ERP, SCM, SRP, CRM, HCM, and eCommerce Integrated software suite:

1 login, 1 universal interface, 1 central database, which improves control, administration and security User Experience: Developed for the Internet, the software can be operated like a website. Real-time 360 ° all-round view of the business thanks to the powerful reporting engine, database queries even without SQL knowledge, a new integrated pivot engine International configuration and local certification, also for Germany and Switzerland Design & architecture: Everything is developed on a platform to which users and third-party providers also have access and can expand the system as desired with an unlimited number of fields, data records, workflows, views as well as entire application modules. Enterprise level support: server management, data security and support like a large company, worldwide. ambitious roadmap with many innovations, e.g. the recent introduction of a human capital management module  


NetSuite was founded in 1998 as a purely cloud-based accounting system - many years before the hype and other current competitors. Over the 20 years, NetSuite has continuously expanded functionality and localization and is ahead of the competition in line with the competition. Cloud based subscription NetSuite is only available as "Software as a Service" in the cloud.  

  • Users subscribe to access to their own account, an annual subscription for a mobile phone or pay TV such as Teleclub or Netflix.  

  • Users access the application via an Internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Edge).  

  • NetSuite as an application itself runs on Netsuite's dedicated servers. These servers meet the highest requirements and requirements of large companies. The server location can be selected from America, Europe and Asia. There are three server locations in the EU jurisdiction with compliance with EU GDPR.  

  • NetSuite servers and basic applications are managed by NetSuite. The corresponding costs are already included in the subscription.  

  • Subscription fees are charged annually per account (account subscription) and user (user subscription). Powerful add-on modules may bring their own subscription costs. 

As an official partner, Cloudmaven can offer high discounts. 

Business process management 

NetSuite was created as an integrated financial accounting system with an eCommerce webstore ("NetLedger").

In the meantime, however, the application system spans  

  • ERP  overall, including order management, inventory management, supply chains,  

  • CRM , including Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Helpdesk,  

  • Project management  (Service Resource Planning and Project Accounting),  

  • Reporting of times and expenses,  

  • Staff Management  (Human Capital Management)  

  • eCommerce in all its facets  (omnichannel). 

Why NetSuite
Key Features
What is NetSuite ERP?
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