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NetSuite Financial Planning

The best performing companies should manage a continuous cycle in financial strategies, starting from planning, executing, reporting and analysis. Across the management, a manager holds essential roles simultaneously being to create budgets, monitor performances, report on and analyse variances, perform what-if analysis and then re-forecast the business—everything is due monthly, or even more frequent basis. And in order to make it happen, a tight integration and collaboration is highly required between the management instruments.

However, not every company can achieve this level of management. Some of them are still relying much on spreadsheets for budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis. In all but the smallest organizations, spreadsheets are simply inadequate: They’re manually intensive and time-consuming, result in widespread errors and can’t adjust easily to changing business conditions.

Yet the option in using on-premise applications costs way too expensive and complex small to middle enterprises. Over that matter, NetSuite releases Financial Planning as an ideal alternative for companies hobbled by spreadsheets. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective application to automate budgeting and forecasting process. NetSuite Financial Planning seamlessly integrates with NetSuite Financials, creating a real-time, end-to-end business management solution for strategy, planning and execution. You’ll save time, improve accuracy, enhance agility, strengthen collaboration and drive better-informed, more strategic decision-making.

NetSuite Financial Planning

NetSuite Financial Planning extends the NetSuite business management suite with a complete on-demand budgeting, planning and forecasting solution. The result is a unique financial package that allows you to:

Reduce cycle time and cost

With automatic consolidation of data, automate integration of data from other systems (e.g. NetSuite and non-NetSuite source data), fully integrated financial statements, and driver-based financial models. By using NetSuite Financial Planning, you can reduce heavy budgeting and forecasting cycle times—by up to 90%.

Factual Data for Better Decisions

Drive better, fact-based decisions with a centralized application automatically integrating both plan data and actual data from the GL and other systems. Decrease errors and improve data accuracy to run a faster, better-informed business decisions.

NetSuite OneWorld Support

NetSuite Financial Planning integrates with NetSuite OneWorld and is an excellent fit for companies of all sizes from mid-sized business and not-for-profits, to enterprise organizations. Complex multi-entity organizations can take advantage of the solution’s multi-instance capability to set up and link separate financial models for each independent entity. Whether you’re with a small, midsize or large company, you no longer need to settle for outdated and inadequate approaches to budgeting and forecasting.

With NetSuite Financial Planning, companies can achieve an automated planning cycle. They can provide valuable insight into the performance of their business, and can deliver critical real-time information and analysis for strategic decision-making. They can decrease planning times and increase accuracy, improve company-wide collaboration and alignment, and make better-informed decisions more quickly.

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