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BigCommerce Integration

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Celigo leverages a decade of experience helping thousands of customers with integrations to bring the best BigCommerce - NetSuite connector. 


Comprehensive flows out-of-the-box  

Importing customers and sales orders from BigCommerce to NetSuite, exporting fulfillments, inventory levels, billing info from NetSuite to BigCommerce provides you complete view of your business across systems


Intuitive setup without coding  

Intuitive design that guides you through the process of setting up the integrations,

without worrying about APIs or code  

Self-service with low maintenance  

Built for both IT & end-users, take control of your integrations with the Celigo standalone application


Customizable and expandable  

Data integration flows can be customized and expanded with Celigo’s iPaaS, without requiring technical resources  

Advanced Capabilities  


Keep accurate order records by importing customers and orders from BigCommerce into NetSuite for fulfillment, and export fulfillment details, cancellations and refunds into BigCommerce


Automatically sync inventory levels from NetSuite to BigCommerce and never sell out-of-stock products


Apply product changes, pricing, images in NetSuite to BigCommerce - effortlessly keep your listings consistent across multiple stores 

BigCommerce Integration
Advanced Capabilities
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