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"Specifically, the duration and start and end of the daily and weekly working hours

(including compensatory and overtime work) and the breaks of half an hour and more must be apparent (Art. 73 ArGV 1)."  


Leveraging on our NetSuite Partnership both as Solution Provider as well as exclusive Design Partner to the Global NetSuite Product Team, hence actively contributing to the Development and Testing of new Core Functionality, Cloudmaven is proud to complement and enhance NetSuite ERP with advanced functionality, that is highly localised or on NetSuite's roadmap many years down the road. 

We do not develop SuiteApps to compete with the platform or preempt functionality, that is due for release just a few Upgrades away, but coordinate with the Product Managers to bring added value - in the long term at affordable prices. 


Presently, the Cloudmaven Product Team is focused on functionality in the following key verticals and business functions.  Further, the Cloudmaven Product Team is contributing to the NetSuite Developer Community with the 1010 Cloudmaven JavaScript Library, a lean library for critical functions to program with NetSuite, and the Telegram NetSuite User Group to collaborate on the development of NetSuite Apps. 


Advanced Work Calendar for Overtime, Leave, and Part-Time Workers and with Effective dating into the Future


Time recording according to legal requirements:  

• Time recording with start and end time  

• Automatic consideration of lunch times  

• Automatic rounding (quarter hours, half hours, full hours)  

• Automatic overviews of expected, missing and completed hours. Never run after missing hours again!  

Extended work calendar for part-time work, monthly shifts, recurring holidays:  

  • Expected working hours for any workload : Receive expected working days per week or month, public holidays, working hours and shifts for full and part-time employees and compared to hours worked of any kind (billable, non-billable, internal)  

  • Historical reporting for presence and workload : Plan changes for workload and working hours in advance and also get correct over transition times compared to working hours of any kind.  

This is a powerful module provide business owners with the flexibility of arranging work calendar for both Full-Time and Part-time employees. Example for part timer employees who works 20 hours per week on flexible arrangement. the arrangement can be set as below:

1. Calculate expected working hours for all employees for all periods and all employees (including part timers)

2. Calculates employees' overtime balance

3. Determine the working hours and days in flexible manners

4. Be used as project calendars.

Automatic Payment Gateway Settlement for Payments, Refunds, Disputes, and Payouts (Amazon, Klarna, Paypal, Stripe)


While integration is becoming a key requirement for merchants when they evaluate and select and payment getaway, more businesses are actively looking for ways to reduce overheads and manual processes that can often be prone to error.

Better Settlement through Automation

Cloudmaven a cloud solution service provider, out-of-the-box integration capabilities can help you improve or maintain margin. Each of transaction will be put in place for each payment gateway. What makes it special is that we've customized for every transaction on each payment gateway to be consolidated in NetSuite for efficient use to validate in the system. 

Swiss Post DigitalCommerce Integration


Automate your Swiss Post labels from your ERP system. Generating invoice and shipping label in one print out. Expecting hundreds sales at the same time while processing its labels for shipping could take up to a day to process it. Worry no more! Cloudmaven developers team will make sure you don't waste most of your time for such alittle thing for you business, through its simplicity to input orders and producing shipping label at the same time. 

Key features:

  • Automatically produce invoices and shipping labels in a few steps only

  • Syncing online stores and website to automatically reduce unshipped orders

Performance Cubes for SRP


AP Performance is a module that we built to meet our customer needs to easily proceeds some account payables based on data in the ERP system. AP performance then to produce the data in which we called Cube. The cube itself will be used as the standard to count any reports such as the value of each commission, monthly finance report, rprofit value, etc. 

Cloudmaven's newest Performance Cubes for SRP gives business owners more flexibility and also means more options to grouping vendors and other respectives third parties on which makes more contribution to the business. 

Advanced Swiss Localisation Bundle with ISO20022, ESR, and QR Code


Cloudmaven's new Advanced Swiss Localisation Bundle for NetSuite brings all the functionality to NetSuite that Accountants in Switzerland treasure.

Leveraging on our NetSuite partnership both as Solution Provider as well as Design Partner.

Key Features:

  • VAT Tax Codes with Effective Dating in case of rate changes (e.g. 8% to 7.7%)

  • VAT Reconciliation Reports

  • Automatic synchronisation with Swiss Federal Tax Authorities (ESTV) Exchange Rates

  • Enabled for SuiteTax

  • Swiss ISO20022 EFT Payment Files for ESR, IBAN, SEPA, and international Cedit Transfers

  • Swiss ESR Invoicing ("orange payment slip") with reconciliation service (both CAMT.053 and CAMT.054)

  • Swiss QR Billing

  • Enabled for new SWISS QR Billing Reconciliation (CAMT instead of v11).

  • Bank Reconciliaition against Open Positions

  • Swiss User Roles Bundle with Process Maps for Wholesale&Distribuition, SRP, and Software

  • International Expense Reports

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Advanced Work Calendar
Automatic Payment Gateway
Swiss Post
Performance Cubes
Advanced Swiss
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