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Service Philosophy

From our previous work as administrators, accountants, and controllers, we know how system implementation and management can become a pain and distraction for the user if the system becomes an end in itself or is declared closed at an early stage. However, with knowledge of how other apps - especially on the Internet and on mobile apps - simply work, we don't want to be satisfied with such approaches. Just like the cloud solutions themselves, we pursue a service philosophy with the end user in focus:  


Our services are designed so that customers can put their solutions into operation at an early stage and maximize their functionality and user experience in the long term. Accordingly, our service model and the service methodology of the nature of cloud solutions and the dynamic business model of our customers pay special attention:  

Simple design and quick results  

Results within a few weeks thanks to agile methodology. Example NetSuite Core Implementation:  

  • General ledger in one week with chart of accounts, classifications, value added tax, article master groups. "Give it a spin!"  

  • Subledgers with employees, customer and supplier bases as well as mapping of order processes and design of input masks in a separate session within one to two weeks.  

No fire and forget or big bang  

Our customers are developing. We take plans and future requirements into account and implement them without obstructing them. We may also postpone certain requirements if it is simply too early. "We won't let you down!"  


Close to the system standard and insight into the system philosophy


We always want to show how the system's function is designed as standard and we carefully make adjustments to the standard functionalities. Do you really need something else? No problem, we know the underlying platforms and if even these don't behave, you can build on our mobile app platform. The important thing is that we know when to use which approach: We do not have two SuiteFlows on one table! No redundant fields. Rebundling is taboo. 

Service model  


  • Structure: Our services are sorted into a continuous lifecycle, which in turn is coordinated with the ITIL framework and thus assumes the perspective and goal of our customers: the successful implementation and constant use of the solution.  

  • Organization: Our services are carried out based on principles of agile methodology.  

  • Quality: We ensure the quality of our service through methodology, sophisticated knowledge management and personnel continuity.  


Key Features

We predict you’re either switching to, or beginning with, a brand new system. Alternatively, the system you have requires upgrading. Either way, we can help. 

Now don’t feel overwhelmed by the steps an ERP implementation has. You may have heard that the implementation stage of any ERP project is often the longest and comes with the most risk. We won’t deny that fact. We want you to trust that each step has its purpose of supporting the success of the project. Be assured that choosing to work with Gradient Consulting will mean working with experienced people who can assist you every step of the journey. 

Implementation - 1.png

Support & Training

Support Training
  • International Support Model active across 4 continents 

  • Experienced Support Officers with Accounting, SRP & CRM background 

  • Rigid methodology according to ITIL Framework 

  • Vast internal knowledge Database, account-specific Documentation,
    NetSuite Partner Confluence KB 


Organisation & People 

  • Designated Account Manager 

  • NetSuite certified Administrator 

  • Monthly Resource Planning 

  • Vacation Deputies 

  • Weekly Status Meetings 

  • Monthly Briefings 


  • Strategic consideration included 

  • Escalation model 

  • Strict documentation methodology



  • Helpdesk-driven 

  • Leveraging on modern Communication Tools (aligned to customer) 

  • Sandbox testing 

  • knowledge base 


Integration Services

Integration Services

ERP Systems Integration strengthens businesses. Businesses often employ two systems to ensure smooth business operations, i.e., a CRM system and an ERP system. One of the most important characteristics of ERP system is that they are built on a single comprehensive database to share information across the enterprise. 

Cloudmaven understands the importance of such crucial parts of your business. We provide complete NetSuite Integration Services which are comprehensive and accurate. Employing a powerful integration solution aows for connectivity between NetSuite and CRM, providing even more advantages to businesses.

Integration service

NetSuite & Celigo Administration

NetSuite & Celigo

An integration between NetSuite and Celigo make sales order processing efficient and accurate while eliminating manual activities. NetSuite CRM allows you to seamlessly track sales from opportunity to close, , and beyond. In addition to traditional CRM capabilities, NetSuite CRM includes marketing automation tools, order management, sales forcasting, and many more. 

The key benefits from integrating NetSuite and Celigo:

  • Faster sales processing

  • Faster customer invoicing

  • Accurate, up-to-date product and prices in Celigo

  • Better customer communication and services

  • Eliminiation of manual data entry

  • Easier access to full-picture reporting

Mobile App Development

Mobile Enterprise Application Development Key to Future Success

This type of connectivity will require new technology, such as mobile data collection, hand-held devices and barcode scanning software. A key to incorporating these solutions is customization, such as that offered by Cloudmaven. We provides mobile enterprise application that allow these new technologies to integrate with NetSuite seamlessly.

SuiteApp Development

mobile app development
Mobile App

We bring an idea to transform your business world through our SuiteApp Development. We perform such a suite app designing process that helps to elevate your business capabilities to lead your busienss on a most successful route.

With the help of our industry experienced cloud ERP team, we perform suite app development that completely matches your business context and your business behaviour. with the use of advanced skills and professionalism, we equip your suite app with the code that comprises all the funtionalities or processes takes place at your workspace.

Cloudmaven offers proven cloud ERP experetise to the e-commerce owners seeking to increase their product exposure with ease and flexibility in the highly competitive global marketplace. We build a market strategy through our impeccable cloud ERP services that help you to enhance your sales capability and improve your customer experience.

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