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Subscription Billing Enhanced UI

Subscription Billing Enhanced UI (formerly known as Time-Based Pricing SuiteApp) is a SuiteApp developed by NetSuite. This SuiteApp provides an enhanced user interface for subscription plans, price books, and subscriptions. It is designed for the creation and maintenance of complex subscription plans and subscriptions that require pre-defined pricing changes.

Subscription Billing Enhanced UI SuiteApp is provided free of charge to customers who use SuiteBilling and have enabled the Time-Based Pricing feature.

This SuiteApp provides an enhanced time-based pricing UI for:

  • Creating and editing price books

  • Creating and editing pricing intervals

Subscription Billing Enhanced UI SuiteApp also supports the following features:

  • Decimal precision–Rounding to eight decimal places for the Price, Quantity, and Discount fields on the subscription plan, price book, and subscription records is supported. These fields also display up to eight decimal places.

  • Flat rate and percentage discounts–Discount fields at the subscription plan and subscription line levels support flat rate and percentage discounts.

  • Recurring amount–Recurring amount data is available on pricing intervals for recurring subscription lines on subscription records.

  • Proration by month–By default, recurring subscription lines are prorated by day. The monthly proration option is available to recurring lines with a charge frequency that is greater than one month. You can set the proration option for recurring lines in the Prorate By field on subscription plans and subscriptions.

  • Add-on items–You can add subscription items to new or existing subscriptions at the time of sale or during the subscription term.

  • Add interval to multiple subscription lines—You can create a new pricing interval for all recurring and usage subscription lines in the price book. For subscriptions, a new interval is created only for recurring and usage lines in Draft status.

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