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NetSuite SuiteBilling: Enhancements in v21.2.0

NetSuite 2021 Release 2 is rolling out! The release includes significant enhancements to the platform to get more value out of the features.

NetSuite continues deploying upgrades to critical modules and supporting international business to go through further capabilities. Out of the hundreds of new features and enhancements are worked on and provided to deli ver the best service for NetSuite customers. If you are already one, you can check on the upgrades on a rolling basis, starting in July 2021 through October 2021. One of the common features we are going to discuss is SuiteBilling. While in NetSuite 2021 Release 1, the enhancement for SuiteBilling focuses on improving Total Contract Value, version 21.2 will allow you to process changes and orders in bulk.

A new Bulk Process Change Order page is ready to roll

Through Transactions > Subscriptions > Process Bulk Change Orders. On this page, you will be able to:

Process Multiple Records for a Bulk Change Order – Search for and select multiple subscriptions or subscription lines to include in a bulk change order. For each bulk change order processed, the system generates an audit trail record that you can access through the Bulk Operations Summary page.

Customize Search Filters and Sublist Columns – The page includes predefined filters such as customer, billing account, subscription plan, start date, and end date. But you can customize the filters that you want to be available for searching. You can also customize the columns that you want to show in search results.

Specify the Status Change and Change Order Details – Apply one of the following status changes to subscriptions or subscription lines:

· Draft to Pending Activation

· Draft to Active

· Pending Activation to Draft

· Pending Activation to Active

· Active to Suspend

· Suspend to Reactivate

For status changes related to Activation, Suspend, and Reactivate change orders, you must specify the details of the change order such as effective date, requester, modification type, and memo. For Activation, you can request for off-cycle invoice for advanced charges.

Enhanced Subscription Billing Subscribed companies often need to generate invoice for varying amounts between service periods. Previously, SuiteBilling module would create negative charges to offset previously invoiced amounts, which blurred the waters of the AR process. The outputs were not presentable to clients and adjusting them will require Advanced PDF/HTML templates customisation to make them look good for customers. Now, NetSuite will simply generate the proper charge amount, which will flow seamlessly to the invoicing process and customisations. Recurring invoices will be clear and usable from the get-go.

Bulk Operations also available with Mass Update SuiteBilling Enhancements version 21.2 also includes the following enhancements to bulk operations using mass update: