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NetSuite Allocation Strategy: Supply Management at The Next Level

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

In attempting to optimize the amount of inventory being held, businesses are often involved in a risk of “What amount of the item should we convey to minimize the likelihood of failed deliveries to customers.” it is essentially the capital cost of holding the extra inventory being in odds with the cost of a lost sale and its impact on customer loyalty.

The classic issue upon some errors we found at Supply Management and Delivery is the unexpected number of orders brought by various cases in either customer’s or distribution side. In this particular situation, the typical resort is a manual reallocation by respective salesperson to remove quantity from one allocation point and distribute them to the sale-points where it is needed.

This method may resolve the situation at the time; however, it is not advisable to perform it for a long term. Another way to deal with the situation is to apply the Pre-Order system. Pre-Order will help your business to control the whole distribution of your products at scheduled time, preventing unexpected orders to occur.

For NetSuite users, performing Pre-Order should not be hard with the help of NetSuite Supply Allocation Strategy. Supply Allocation’s functionality is a boon to organizations and business that experience the distribution issues as written above and seek for the simplest way to manage to move to Pre-Order. The feature allows you schedule orders to be fulfilled in the future.

The Key Points of Supply Allocation Strategy are:

  • Matches the supply with demand based on the date where it is required.

  • Matches on-hand inventory remains available to fill immediate demand orders that have future ship dates to supply orders with future receipt dates.

  • If multiple orders are changed and a large amount of inventory is removed, the setting determines which orders are affected and which orders get items allocated first.

  • Quantities will be de-committed based on the quantity being reduced on the transaction with a committed quantity and the oldest transaction date.

How To Activate Supply Allocation in NetSuite

The feature can be found at Setup > Company > Enable Features > Items & Inventory Subtab