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Go-Live in ERP

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

After the whole set of preparation, one of the huge step in using ERP is to go-live. How do we exactly do that? What does it mean and how do we achieve that?

What Is Go-Live?

The simple definition of go-live refers to something that becomes available. While used as a term for launching new system within businesses, it’s most common in ERP, CRM, logistics, or marketing systems.

In terms of an ERP, the concept is extremely straightforward. It’s when the system goes live, from the testing environment to production. While the actual go-live is a transparent step, whether it’s a success or failure is another story, and depends on multiple things from project planning to testing to the right leadership - and a lot more.

Companies have been known to lose millions in failed implementations. Clearly, it’s no joke that It’s vital to be in complete control before and even after the system goes live.

The before, during, and after of a project

It’s been said that one must “keep their eye on the prize” when it comes to achievements, whatever it may be. Although considered important advice, I would advise against even having that thought when implementing an ERP.

Look at it this way. The go-live phase would be considered the “prize”; however, what happens before and after is what really matters. Typically, the stages of an ERP project are thought to be: pre-sale, assessment, implementation, pre go-live, go-live, post go-live, support and optimization.

Now here’s what it’s more likely to be like:

There’s no way to describe that in words. The impact of an ERP is huge to any corporation, from the roles and responsibilities of employees, to the price tag, to the potential issues faced along the way.

As mentioned, the go-live phase of an ERP project is essentially when the system is, well, turned on, so to speak. To determine a successful go-live, one must focus on the progress made beforehand and the attention to detail afterwards. Let’s take a further look at it.

How to prepare for the go-live phase

There is a lot to consider when planning for a successful ERP launch, so I went on a mission to really scour the top tips and tricks to prepare you for the most successful go-live your business will endure.

Thorough Planning

The key is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. In this scenario, you’re must think of all potential challenges and risks, and plan outcomes for each. If this is your first ERP project, there is a lot of uncertainty and is imperative to get ready for the unknown.

Of course not knowing what could potentially go wrong can be stressful, but even just giving yourself and your team more time before go-live or prepping a list of all potential risks is already the right direction of success.<