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General Availability for REST Query & SuiteScript Workbook

NetSuite announced that REST Query Service and NetSuite SuiteScript Workbook API features have been available to use in General Availability. All the features that belong to the REST Query Service and Workbook API that have been completed the Beta testing are now available for all customers. Previously, the REST Query Service (Beta) feature has to be enabled to utilise the dataset-related features that belong to the REST Query Service.

The recent news announced that REST Query Service is available to use for customers’ REST Web Service feature, with or without having the Beta testing installed. The Rest Query Service Tool is introduced as part of REST Web Service that offers an option on how to extract data out of the NetSuite.

Another feature that passed the beta feature is The Workbook API. This feature lets you manage your datasets and workbooks programmatically as part of SuiteAnalytics Workbook. You can do the following:

  • Create new datasets to define your data

  • Create dataset conditions and joins with other record types

  • Create new workbooks

  • Define workbook visualizations, such as charts, pivots, and table views

  • Run table views and obtain results

  • Load existing datasets or workbooks and manage them

Previously, to use the Workbook API in this release, you must enable the Workbook API (Beta) feature on the Enable Features page in your NetSuite account. This feature controls access to all Workbook API components, including SuiteScript modules and core plug-ins.

Do note that the overall Oracle NetSuite Umbrella Beta Program has not ended, and the terms of the beta trial license agreement remains in effect. If you have other beta features activated under this beta program, those will continue to be available for beta testing.

Datasets and related functionality may now be worked on by enabling the REST Web Services feature at Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features, in the SuiteTalk (Web Services) section, on the SuiteCloud subtab.

Note: To access the REST Record Service, REST Query Service, Record Customization, or SuiteScript Workbook API beta features, you must complete the Oracle NetSuite Umbrella Beta Program Recruitment Form. Link to the form may also be accessed thru Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features on the Information box.

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