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HubSpot Integration


Why integrate HubSpot?

In order to build an effective sales pipeline with Hubspot, you need complete visibility into your leads and how they engage with you at all times. Inconsistent contact information, lack of communication about a deal, or an inability to associate activities with leads can greatly inhibit your success


Total control and visibility across your sales pipeline Whether it’s syncing correct contact information or getting notified as soon as a hot lead clicks on your ad, integrating Hubspot with your CRM, ERP, and other business applications can make the difference between a deal and a drop out.



Enhanced contact tracking


Sync contacts between Hubspot and your CRM of choice Collecting contacts from numerous channels can bring some unique challenges. You’ll need a way to make sure that your CRM is the single source of truth for contact information, that their information is kept up-todate and accurate, and that their marketing engagement activities are directly associated with their records. Thankfully, you can achieve this by syncing contacts between Hubspot and your CRM of choice, giving you greater visibility into your contacts and their activities.


Streamlined forecasting and quote generation


Visibility into relationships and deals across applications If you use Hubspot as your CRM, it is integral to treat it as a combined system with your ERP extract maximum value. Integrating Hubspot CRM with your ERP gives your finance team visibility into the status of a deal and customer relationships from Hubspot, while your sales team can create better forecasts based on financial information from your ERP. Combined, these reciprocal relationships help you create better quotes and maximize ACV from every customer.


Cohesive email and event marketing


Manage your email subscribers and event attendees in one place It’s right in the name: Hubspot is the central hub for all of your marketing campaigns. However, you’ll sometimes want to use more specialized tools for a specific event or campaign. Integrate Hubspot with tools like Eventbrite and Mailchimp and get all the benefits of using a specialized tool while keeping subscribers, attendees, and more in sync.

Why integrate Hubspot
Key benefits
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