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Introducing Yokoy, The All-in-One Spend Management Solution

Established in 2019 with the vision of simplifying expense reporting and recognised with "Swiss Fintech Award 2021", Yokoy has developed a comprehensive expense management solution that combines expense management, invoice processing and smart corporate credit cards in one intuitive solution. 


Yokoy automates spend management for medium and large enterprises with artificial intelligence, which has been used by over 500 customers worldwide.

Our Yokoy integration solution helps NetSuite Customers of all sizes and configuration characteristics to seamlessly integrate their NetSuite ERP systems with Yokoy’s Spend Management tool.

As Yokoy’s Partner, building up at the logic of their intuitive Spend Management solution, we developed an easy-to-use Yokoy Integration Suitelet. We’ve designed the solution with the End-User in mind ensuring a user-friendly and easy to use interface, real-time sync and secure processes make the best out of the two integrated systems and provide the ultimate end-user experience.

The Yokoy Integration solution lets you sync master data from NetSuite to Yokoy, supporting possible custom segmentations. This allows for the exportation of expenses both personal and card transactions from Yokoy’s Spend Management tool to the NetSuite environment for further processing.

Our solution seamlessly supports NetSuite accounts with either SuiteTax or Legacy tax. To enhance security and simplify the management of the integration, we make use of the custom Integration role for Administrating the Yokoy Integration within NetSuite as a base and is highly customizable to fit any other business needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple and intuitive integration solution

  • Seamless flow of spend management processes between 2 systems

  • Real-time sync of configuration elements: employees, tax codes, cost objects and categories from NetSuite to Yokoy to create

  • Real-time export of expenses and card transactions from Yokoy to NetSuite

  • Possible to use with both SuiteTax and Legacy Tax NetSuite accounts

Key features:

  • Secure integration process

  • Special Yokoy Integration Role built only for integration and Yokoy Administration purposes

  • Built-in Configuration Suitelet for controlling the sync of master data from NetSuite to Yokoy
    (tax codes, categories, cost objects and employees)

  • Possibility to customize the visibility of Yokoy integration fields within NetSuite.


Yokoy Expense

Enables companies to automate the Expense Management process from submission to the correct finance booking, including VAT booking, their accounting system.


Yokoy Invoice

Enables companies to fully automate their supplier invoice management process from receiving an invoice, correct finance booking, in the accounting system, as well purchase order matching.


Yokoy Pay

Allows companies to intuitively administer corporate cards and gain full transparency over card spendings, as well as setting individual limits according to internal and external policies. Card receipts are automatically matched with the corresponding transactions.

Yokoy uses artificial intelligence to automate the entire corporate spend management process. Supplier invoices, expense and card accounting, subscription management: all time-consuming tasks that Yokoy is happy to take off your hands. Of course, Yokoy is precisely tailored to your individual internal processes.

Self-Learning AI Support

Based on your receipts, vendor invoices and actions, Yokoy tool learns to automatically fill out expenses and invoices including your VAT.

Customised Company Process Flow

Map your individual company specific process flow easily without having to wait for the developer teams. 

Full Automation

Discover outliers, rule violations and potential fraudulent cases and sends them for manual review while having the rest - submission to exporting to your accounting system fully automated.

Easy Integration With Your Existing System Landscape

Integrates with all major third-party tools and provides an easy OpenAPI feature to all partners and customers.


Interested in a personalized demo? Or not sure yet if our app offers the best solution for your business? Reach out today and we will make sure to connect you with the right specialist. 

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