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SuiteApp: Dashboard Tiles Enhancements

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Dashboard Tiles is a feature that allows users to create a dashboard with tiles/tables which display the business critical KPIs in a distinctive visual layout with additional images and blinking alerts. The alert serves as a reminder of metrics that may or may not achieve certain conditions. The configuration will allow the user to set content display based on user or company preference.

According to the suitability of displaying types of data, here are three tile types that you can create and customize:

  • Static

A static tile displays a static value. Examples of static values are percentage rate and target amount. You can use a SuiteScript to update the value for handling complex metrics that may require more than one saved search.

  • Reminder

Tiles that display numeric data derived from a saved search. The values displayed in a reminder tile are based on the number of results as specified in the saved search record.

  • Scorecard

A scorecard tile displays the sum of the values in the first available numeric column of a saved search. Numeric columns can contain currencies, integers, floats, or decimals.

Dashboard Tiles can only be accessed through Administrator Role. For other roles, contact your administrator.

Using The Recent Features of Dashboard Tiles

With the Dashboard Tiles SuiteApp version 1.06.3, you can now do the following for individual dashboard tiles:

  • Specify a font size for the tile KPI and label.

  • Specify a wrapping for the tile KPI text.

  • Remove the tile KPI and label.

These changes let you manage the dashboard tile texts so that they fit into the tile. Previously, you could customize the font size, KPI, and label settings for all tiles on the dashboard only from the dashboard tiles portlet.

The following preferences are now available for each dashboard tile:

  • KPI Font Size (PT) – Enter a font size for the tile KPI from 0 to 18 points. If you leave this field blank, the default KPI font size is 13. If you enter 0, the tile KPI is removed.

  • Label Font Size (PT) – Enter a font size for the tile label from 0 to 16 points. If you leave this field blank, the default label font size is 10. If you enter 0, the tile label is removed.

  • KPI Wrapping – Select a wrapping option for the tile KPI text. The following options are available:

    • None – No wrapping is applied.

    • Word Wrap – This option wraps overflowing text into a new line without breaking words.

    • Word Break –This option maximizes the tile width and may result in breaking of words.

  • These preferences are available on the Appearance subtab of the Dashboard Tile page. Note that the dashboard tile settings take precedence over the dashboard tiles portlet settings.

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