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Organizing Better with Notion

Odds are low for someone to enjoy getting juggled up in unorganised workloads.

Having to work on several projects at the same time, schedules coordinated, appointments kept, and keeping on top of so many other things can get overwhelming. Prioritizing them all becomes really challenging; keeping scribbles and sticky notes all over your journals is no longer an effective method to help you catch up with the vastly evolving digital business. Therefore, many digital companies started creating organisation app tools in order to make organising work to be more efficient. But how many of them that really do wonder?

Among hundreds is Notion, one of the best and fastest growing productivity applications that has amassed over 4M users and constantly grows each day. Notion adapts flexible nature of powerful databases, easy to use pages and speed improvements that makes them a better one than the others.

An App with Amazing Display & Functionalities

From study trackers to company documentation, Notion has a huge variety of templates. The app is highly customizable with its pages, task lists, kanban boards, and dashboards. It aces in UX and UI design, with white workspace to provide more clean and fresh look. Notion is also very careful about whitespace (the clear spaces the blank spaces that line the top, bottom, and left and right sides of a document) that makes it look neat. Notion offers team functionality for real-time collaboration and provides the ability for teams to share, comment and assign tasks and reminders. So as much as individuals and professionals can use Notion, so can teams. Here's what makes Notion the better organizing tool app:

  • Organization: Notion templates provide a great framework to get started.

  • Navigation: It is simple and convenient to move around your knowledge base.

  • Consistency: Styling is uniform and limited to paragraph text and three headings, make everything look neat and beautiful.

  • Experience: Offering the simplest blog to advanced functionalities for your enhanced experiences.

  • All-in-one: Notes, Organiser, Knowledgebases, and Documentations all in one place.

  • Pricing: Notion is reasonably priced for such features and functions.

What’s New

Notion keeps on adding improvements in features and bug fixing problems, to help its users enhancing their journaling process. We have wrapped up the recently released features on Notion from October to November 2021.

Create dynamic previews of GitHub PRs, Slack messages, Jira issues & more

See up-to-date information from other tools, all inside your Notion workspace. Now when you paste a link from Jira, GitHub, Slack, Trello, and Asana, you can turn it into a dynamic preview — either as an inline mention or as its own block. We'll be adding support for many more tools soon; this is just the beginning!

Here are a few ways you can use link previews with your team:

  • Jira: Check the last time a Jira issue was updated without leaving your workspace

  • GitHub: Allow teammates to check on the status of your pull request right inside a Notion doc

  • Slack: See live previews of messages, including the number of replies, author & public channel name

  • Trello: See the status of your cards at a glance

  • Asana: Include previews of Asana tasks in your meeting notes, including the task's due date

Database groups & sub-groups

Now you can visualize your tasks & projects with even greater precision. Group items by any property in your database views to achieve peak organization.

Create groups in Timeline, Table, List & Gallery views

Using a database view with hundreds or thousands of items? Click the new button to visually organize your content by whatever property makes sense for your workflow. Each group includes a toggle to the left, so you can quickly hide and show groups to focus on what you need. Empty groups can also be hidden from view with the new "Hide empty groups" toggle.

Create Groups and Sub-groups in Board View

Your core task workflows just got way more organized with sub-groups.

If your board was already grouped by a Status property (e.g. "Not started," "In progress," "Complete"), now you can create sub-groups of those tasks organized by Priority, Team, Assignee, or whatever property you need — all while keeping your Status columns intact

Group by more properties, including Relation, Number, Date and more

Before, you could only group your items based off of Select, Multi-select, and Person properties. Now nearly every property type is supported, including Text, Number, Date, Checkbox, URL, Email, Phone, Formula, Relation, Created time, Created by, Last edited time, and Last edited by.

Any workspace member can add integrations

Before, only admins could add an API integration to your team's workspace. Now, both admins and members can integrate with services like, FTTT, and Typeform.

More legible colors & Board view

Your workspace just got a lot easier to read! Vibrant new colors help reduce eye strain and make Notion more accessible for everyone.

  • · Board views of your databases now include background colors to visually differentiate between columns — or disable them by clicking the button and turning off "Color columns"

  • · Select and Multi-select properties now use custom text colors to maximize contrast and legibility

  • · Text colors and background colors are more accessible too, passing all contrast tests from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Better comments on mobile

See every comment on a page at a glance, and respond to any comment thread on the go — all consolidated in the new comments view on mobile. Just tap the button at the top right of your screen to see all the comments for that page.

Notion is now available in Japanese

We're excited to take a big step toward making Notion feel native and intuitive to millions more people. Starting now, Japanese language is available in beta on web, with mobile and desktop apps rolling out in batches over the next couple weeks.

  • Click Template at the bottom of your left-hand sidebar to find templates in Japanese

  • Go to to find translated guides & tutorials

  • Chat with our support team in Japanese by clicking the (?) button at the bottom right of your app, or tap Help & Feedback at the bottom of your sidebar if you're on mobile

Last, Notion in is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android to serve you productivity in anywhere. Consider to give Notion a try to help you with more neat and aesthetically organised workspace!

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