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NetSuite Enhancements in Bank Integration Import Process

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Bank Import is one of the Netsuite Bank Integration features and manages bank, credit card, and corporate card accounts online through NetSuite. NetSuite allows users to import Bank/Credit card data, as well as Corporate card expense.

Bank Import Prior to version 2020.2

There had been commentary regarding failures which occurred in the middle of the import process. A failure for one bank or credit card account during the import process can cause the entire import to fail. Moreover, the error logs would not provide clear indicators to identify which account caused the failure.

The Enhancements We All Expect

NetSuite 2021.1 includes enhancements to the Bank import and troubleshooting process. Bank data import can now be partially undertaken, even when the import fails for some accounts. You can see account-specific errors, directly those accounts which are affected, and pick it up from there.

The enhancements focus on:

•Displaying a Partially Completed import status

•Enhancements to Import Process Performance

•Identifying accounts to display specific import errors

•New Push Email notification

Partially Completed Import Status

“When we cannot accomplish it in one sit, go Partial”

On the Banking Import History page, there is a new import status, called Partially Completed. This status applies to import processes in which NetSuite did not successfully complete. It can be because of the failure to retrieve data for either bank or credit card accounts. You can troubleshoot import errors on the Banking Import History page. After that, you would only need to continue importing the rest of the data from where you were left off.

Previously, imported data was not visible until processing was complete. Now, NetSuite completes the import process, and then processes the bank lines separately.

The Match Bank Data page on the other hand, is a page where you can view imported bank lines that are currently being processed. These lines are greyed out and you cannot select them for matching until processing is complete. To see the changes, you can refresh the Imported Bank Data grid or the page.

Account-Specific Import Errors

Pages where you can view account-specific errors for an import are as follows: