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NetSuite 2022 Sneek Peak for Wholesale Distributors

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Wholesale distributors occupy a space between manufacturing and retail and feel the impact of shifts in both industries. Distributors have been hit by the rising costs of materials and transportation and the worker shortage that's affected manufacturing and retail. At the same time, they need to provide excellent B2B online shopping experiences as that becomes the preferred buying channel for many.

In response to those trends, distributors must optimize inventory levels to minimize the impact of higher costs and also figure out how to successfully market and sell products online. NetSuite 2022 Release 1 includes several features to drive supply chain efficiency and support cross-channel sales.

Improving Warehouse Efficiency

• The NetSuite Pack Station mobile app now allows warehouse staff to choose between pounds and kilograms when weighing packages, and they can review the packing instructions before putting together an order. Warehouse employees can also pack and unpack “Ship As Is” items in bulk. Previously, packers had to choose “Ship As Is” for each item that needed special treatment.

• Warehouse automation offers opportunities for efficiency gains for distributors, and the NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) can help. The latest version of the WMS supports zone picking, where pickers are assigned to specific zones and items are then consolidated before packing. This is the most efficient approach for some operations, and it gives businesses that may use multiple picking methods another option.

Additionally, the WMS now counts items as they’re scanned, rather than someone entering the quantity when putting away products, cycle counting or transferring inventory. Warehouse workers can also search for and print item labels from a mobile device and managers can release multiple pick waves with just one click.

Finally, paperless wave filtering in the WMS provides employees a visual representation of all orders and waves not currently being picked. That helps warehouse workers find tasks to start and avoid duplicate picks.

More Help to Manage the Supply Chain

• Supply chain managers can now create custom views of the supply planning workbench, a single page that shows supply and demand orders, and save them for future reference. They can change the filters applied – such as item location and preferred supplier – and the items included in the workbench. They can also now see item description, safety stock levels and vendor information on that page. These new views make it easier to determine the ideal order quantity to avoid both out-of-stocks and excess stock.

• NetSuite’s mobile manufacturing app should boost efficiency in the warehouse with simpler on-screen instructions. Production managers can also use the app to validate quantities for production runs and enable or disable overproduction if they have surplus supplies. The supply chain management app allows managers to add or remove fields from standard data tables depending on what’s relevant to the work they do.