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NetSuite 2022 Release 1 Empowers Professional Service Automation

The service-based firms, especially digital and IT services have continuously expanded their markets over the years. Albeit the sharp turn in the overall growth of many fields of service, the 2022 IDC forecast is likely to project an opportunity to recollect previous growth according to the yearly market growth that touches 4% per year. The true concern is to suffice the fuel in order to allow the company’s performance going full force.

Restoring good performance is not an easy task, as well. There would be numbers of cases waiting on the edge of the line to be finished within the short amount of time. Customers want personalized service for example, which may also require project managers to invest more personalized approach for each customer. Project managers will juggle in more work than ever. They will also demand visibility into cash flow data in order to measure the business growth.

NetSuite 2022 Release 1 includes new features and enhancements that will help services firms meet all these challenges and make wonder for performance and data management enhancements. This article will specifically bring you to a better understanding about NetSuite 2022.1, which would help your business to overcome.

All-in-One Project Control

Introducing Project 360 dashboard, the centerpiece of NetSuite 2022 Release 1 for services firms which delivers a comprehensive, project-centric and intuitive one window-control panel that pulls data from across the entire Suite and displays it in a customized SuiteProject workspace to assist the need of neatly tailored project display for project managers. Adapting its name, Project 360 dashboard will show a 360-degree view of each project in the portfolio actual and projections, profitability, billing and revenue, project team calendars, consultant utilization, schedules, client contact details and more.

Project managers can now analyze Project 360 page for a highly visual dive into detailed KPIs on many areas and take action to eliminate the issues from within the dashboard. And because project managers work by exception, NetSuite also incorporates an array of indicators that allow them to find details they need immediately. Got a job that’s over budget, behind schedule or both? See exactly where the team is against the timeline and manage employees and external vendors and contractors right from the project record to collaborate, share resources and keep assets fully used.

Easier Payments, Better Cash Flow and Insights