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Manage Human Resource Management With SuitePeople

The majority of small to medium enterprises disintegrate HR system from the company's ERP or financial management system. Since HR employees managing payroll needs to connect the finance system in a manual process, companies would rather use Spreadsheets to fill up tons of data fields by manually fetching expense data with the finance department.

Beside from the extensive of hours the procedures take, this also often results in incomplete records and manual data entry errors. The impact of all these can be on the slow growth rate and less adaptability of the business. As an obvious solution to this, ERP integrated Human Resource management software has been adopted by many companies.

The human resources management software offering an integrated set of software applications tools to handle all human resource tasks and corresponding processes for the entire employee life-cycle can make a huge difference in terms of efficiency, productivity, and output.

A unified HR management solution developed by NetSuite Alliance partner company becomes an irreplaceable pillar of modern-day enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. For the day-to-day workforce management operations and for maintaining compliance as well as performance reporting, one integrated HR solution can do all.

Thanks to this integrated system, both managers and employees can carry out self-service for all common HR tasks. On the other hand, managers and strategists can directly access employee data for understanding specific workforce trends and the corresponding impact on business operations.

On top of that, the cost of Human Resource is regarded to be one of the biggest areas are in any company's operational budget and this integrated system can play a great role in lowering the overall cost and tracking the expenses.

Enterprise Processes Benefited Most From Unified Human Resource Management Software

Many business processes and departments are direct beneficiaries of the integrated and unified human resource management software. These processes enjoy more efficiency, productivity, control, and cost benefits.

Payroll Management

Payroll and related expenses represent one of the largest expenses in the financial statement of any company. Therefore it deserves to be managed efficiently. Now when the payroll is managed separately segregated from the finance system, it leads to several problems. The disintegrated payroll management outside of the finance system can lead to unwanted delays apart from increasing the scope of human errors. When the payroll is handled outside of the finance system, it delays the financial reporting as well. Since without payroll data, the tax calculation is not possible, the financial reports depend on the payroll data. This shows how an integrated payroll system with the company's ERP and financial management can help to streamline the process and to avert the delays and process silos.

Managing Employee Records

Another time consuming and rigorous process for any business is keeping the employee records in an organized, easy to track, and reusable manner. Whenever changes take place with employee data and personal information, it needs to be updated so that the company has better control of its workforce.