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How NetSuite Secures Your Data

Since the Cambridge Analytica data breach was globally broadcasted in 2015, Cloud technologies were mired in pros and cons about businesses who place their core exclusively on these platforms. When it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for international enterprises, an organization’s vital reports and data should be accessible by multiple employees, which often located around the world. And with an average enterprise spending $78.3 million on Cloud technology, the importance of finding the right system is inevitable.

To answer the concerns, Oracle NetSuite as one of the top-tier ERP solution software handles data security and compliance very seriously. Its advanced functionalities, including worldwide data centres, role-based access, and intrusion detection systems (IDS), are among the numerous features to ensure data security among businesses and customers.

NetSuite Global Data Centres

NetSuite utilises 12 data centres house to store all NetSuite’s clients’ private information and are armed against intrusions, with 24/7 surveillance. Even physical access is limited by monitoring entries, access points, activities, and alarms. Should any centre become infiltrated or non-operational, its counterpart will enable data mirroring and disaster recovery.

NetSuite efficient cloud platform is designed to accommodate boosts in functionality, routine surges, and as the scale continually increases in volume, NetSuite will still be pertaining to handle every customer’s important data with its encryption software and data security.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

NetSuite security compliance assures your data is safe with its multiple intrusion detection systems (IDS). This Cloud platform constantly performs third-party scans and penetration tests, leaving your digital house virtually impenetrable from end to end. You are in safe hands knowing that your account is checked, monitored, and secured regularly to make sure no unwanted guest creeps in. Expert Operations Security Team is always there to ensure that.

Sophisticated Database Restrictions

NetSuite data security is compliant with many restrictions that have been set up within its software. The 256-bit TLS NetSuite encryption which is also the one used at online banks is functioned among all logins.

Users can still send data across the system using provided API and Custom Attribute encryption as well as token-based application authentications, such as identification, in order for data to be encoded with industry-standard protocol and cipher suite.

Regarding data security, NetSuite has the ability to block its database. In other words, there is no direct access to the main base, only the application. NetSuite data security implements a three-tiered level between user data and the Cloud application. The digital infrastructure is so powerful that only designated users can have access.

Password Policy and Protection

Netsuite will need its users to be creative in their password selections as NetSuite prohibits the use of previous passwords. Furthermore, Oracle NetSuite security also has a minimum password length and requires all NetSuite users to regularly upd