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Cloudmaven embraces the Power of Map/Reduce Scripts - Stay tuned for our insights!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

With the recent release of our Cloudmaven Lambda bundle for Project Profitability on Sales Transactions (“Gross Profit and RoS for Projects”), Cloudmaven has passed its own set acid test for Map/Reduce scripts.

While Cloudmaven had embraced the advanced framework SuiteScript 2.0 from the very start, both for its modularisation of APIs, a crucial step for the “class-less” JavaScript programming language, as well as the added functionality on security, authentication, caching, and XML processing, the announcement of Map/Reduce script types was promising in many ways:

  • Multi-Threading Server-side Scripts – processing data simultaneously across several cores and subsequent

  • Yields instead of Governance Units – doing away with queues of scheduled scripts to process highly complex data,

  • Intelligent Map and Reduce Stages – allowing to feed search results into those stages without executing and processing them in the input stage, or

  • Detection of and Resumption after Server Restarts – making one of the last arguments of die hard on premise developers obsolete.

By feeding 3k+ line JSONs into Map and Reduce Stages and process child objects and respective database records in separate threads, we have gotten a good feeling of the power of this new script type. Yet, undoubtedly, there is still much to explore.

Stay tuned for more updates on our exploration of Map/Reduce!

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