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Get to Know Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document issued by Quality Assurance to confirm that a regulated item meets its quality specifications. With countless items being produced by manufacturers, it is often difficult for a company to seamlessly track materials quality used in the production. This means that companies rely more and more on their suppliers to provide quality materials for finished products.

A COA goes beyond a mere identity for product inspection as well. With materials rapidly moving to and from different locations, it is necessary to have the products to be correctly identified and clarified. In addition to material and container labels, the COA serves as an identification document for the status of each product. A COA includes the inspection results from the quality control tests for an individual item batch or lot.

In NetSuite, COA is available only for quality inspections with a Sampling Requirement set to Simple Sampling. NetSuite COA is included as a support for lot controlled items only. Best believe that the whole document creation is not done manually; NatSuite has the ability to automatically generate a detailed COA for each fulfilled item. However, the use of it is limited within Quality Management feature, which mandates you to install the Quality Management bundle before using COA.

Leveraging more benefits of generating COA in NetSuite is the ability to customize the final format of your document if you are holding and administrator role. NetSuite allows to save a COA in different formats such as PDF or format that best to suit your organisation needs. The final COA report will be generated in the following details:

  • Transaction Details – The item fulfillment number of the generated COA report.

  • Parent Transaction – The sales order number of the generated COA report.

  • Lot Number – The specific lot number.

  • Lot Quantity – The quantity in the lot.

The COA report also contains a table with the inspection results and the inspection criteria. You can compare the data to confirm that a regulated item meets its quality specifications.

Making a COA in NetSuite