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EFT Bank Payment Module Supports Vendor Pre-payment

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Electronic Bank Payment SuiteApp version 2021.1 is now enhancing supports in payment modules. The enhancements include these following features:

  • Support for Vendor Prepayments:

  • Vendor Prepayment Transactions from Instant Bank File (IBF) generation page of Electronic bank payments bundle.

  • You can also generate Positive pay file for Vendor prepayment checks.

  • Primary Bank for each Subsidiary:

  • As of 2021.1, for multi-subsidiary customer and vendor accounts, you will be able to assign a primary bank to each subsidiary.

  • The Entity Bank Details page will be renamed to Bank Details, and a new dropdown field, Subsidiary, will be added to this page.

This Prepayment feature also works independently and running differently from the centralized payment feature. Hence no dependency.