Payroll and Remuneration

Payroll and Remuneration

What can Netsuite do for Payroll?

We recommend a best-of-breed approach for HCM solutions, referring to respective dedicated HR solutions, an increasing number thereof also integrating with NetSuite out of the box.

Apart from the specific focus on Financials, NetSuite would also not advise to grant NetSuite Administrators access to HR data and vice versa, HR officers access to consolidated financial data.


  • HCM module “SuitePeople HR” is not available for customers in the DACH region, yet.

  • NetSuite partners with local SuiteApps solution providers for payroll support.

The Payroll transaction can only be done partially through country-specific SuiteApp partner solutions

Hoe does End of Year Remuneration Process?

The NetSuite Job Commissions module allows to calculate sales-specific bonus based on sales (orders), payments (cashed-in orders), revenue (P&L impact), or even gross margin line of individual order lines and compares them with quotas and forecasts by sales reps in the employee list or respective pooled teams.

Investors relations via NS Publish

No standard connector available

Oracle alternative product available
  • The solution ns.publish is not integrated with NetSuite ERP and is said to offer no Open API to integrate with.
In case of an automatic interface, Oracle NetSuite would recommend the Oracle EPM Narrative Reporting solution, instead.