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Technical SupportIssue Resolution:

1.1.3. Issue Resolution

Classification, Scoping, Resolution, and Documentation of issues in present Core Setup and SuiteCloud Customisation (SuiteBuilder, SuiteFlow, SuiteScript, and SuiteTalk).

Key Features

1.1.4. Defect Filing:

Scoping, Offering and upon approval Documentation and Filing of Defects in NetSuite standard functionality. (Defects are classified as such by NetSuite Support.) Tracking of Backlog of Defects incurs additional hours.


1.1.5. Change Management:

Scoping, Development, Testing and Documentation of minor and major Change Re-quests. Minor Change Requests (with an estimated effort of up to 1 hour) require no approval. Major Change Requests (with an estimated effort of more than 1 hour) require approval on estimate and timeline.


1.2.    Cloudmaven provides Development Services on Analysis, Architecture, Development, Testing, and Deployment of new or changed functionality.
1.2.    Cloudmaven provides Advisory Services on Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Is-sue and Defect Management, and User Adoption of new or changed functionality in addition, Cloudmaven will provide Strategy Services to Synpulse on news and developments in NetSuite and for their, Cloud Ecosphere integrating and interfacing with NetSuite in general.
1.3.    .
The Services in sec.1.1 to 1.3 stated above extend to the NetSuite ERP modules and underlying SuiteCloud platform and are henceforth referred    Support and Advisory Services listed in sec. 2.1and 2.2 shall be called in the follow-ingto as "Contractual Services".    The Parties may amend the Contractual Services from time to time by entering in-to an executed writing.

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